Home Buyer Discount Rules


1. Discount

Up to a 20% discount on the final sale amount for Auction and Own It Now properties sold by the Detroit Land Bank Authority is available to all individuals who have received a homebuyer education certificate within the past twelve (12) months.

  • Participating homebuyer counseling agencies include:
    1. Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation
    2. National Faith Homebuyers
    3. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)
    4. Southwest Solutions
    5. U-SNAP-BAC
  • To register for a homebuyer education course with one of these agencies, please refer to the contact list at the end of this document.

In order to use the discount in the purchase of a property, prior to applying to purchase a listing you must complete the homebuyer counseling course, apply for the discount through the Detroit Land Bank’s website, and be approved for the discount by the relevant homebuyer counseling agency or provide a certificate of completion.

To apply for the discount:

  • If you do not already have an account at auctions.buildingdetroit.org, go to the Detroit Land Bank’s website and complete the Discount section on the Registration Page
  • If you already have an account, log in and go to My Account/Discount


Your discount application will be reviewed by the homebuyer counseling agency you select when applying for the discount.  If approved, you will receive an email stating that your discount has been approved by the homebuyer counseling agency. The discount will automatically be applied to the next property you purchase through the Detroit Land Bank.


Discount Applied at Closing


The discount will be applied at closing on the sale of the property. For example, if you purchase a property for $1,200, your credit card will be charged $1,000 immediately upon completion.  At the time of closing, you will receive a $200 credit and will pay the remaining closing costs and   any other applicable charges.  Please see details about Auction closing costs here and Own It Now closing costs here.

Primary Residence Requirement

All individuals who use a homebuyer counseling discount in the purchase of a Detroit Land Bank property (“Homebuyer Counseling Discount Purchasers”) will be required to occupy the dwelling as their primary residence upon completion of the Detroit Land Bank’s rehab requirements.  The Homebuyer Counseling Discount Purchaser must provide:

  1. Documentary evidence of a Principal Residence Exemption Form
  2. A copy of a Driver’s License (with change of address sticker)
  3. A copy of a recent Utility Bill (DWSD or DTE) (Name must match Buyer and mailing address must match property address.  We also check utility usage to confirm it reflects the property being occupied)



Auction and Own It Now Rules Apply


All eligibility and other requirements that apply under the Detroit Land Bank Authority’s rules and procedures will apply to Homebuyer Counseling Discount Purchasers.  Please see details about Auction rules here and Own It Now rules here.

Property must be Purchased by an Individual

The property must be purchased by an individual and cannot be purchased by a corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, or other legal entity. 

One Discount per Registered Buyer

One discount will be given per registered discount buyer.  Buyers will not be granted more than one Homebuyer Counseling discount, nor will bidders be granted more than one type of discount – e.g. a City Employee discount and a Homebuyer Counseling discount. Bidders cannot combine or use multiple discounts on the purchase of a single property.

If a bidder applies and is approved for multiple discounts, the higher discount amount will automatically take effect- e.g. if a bidder is approved for the City Employee discount and is subsequently approved for a Homebuyer Counseling discount, that bidder will receive the highest discount amount and use the other discount on their next Auction or Own It Now purchase.

Discount Applied to First Property Won after Approval

The discount will automatically be applied to the purchase of the first property won in Auction or purchased through the Own It Now website after the discount request is approved.  Purchasers may not use the discount in the purchase of subsequent properties.

Participating Homebuyer Counseling Agencies Contact Information:


Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation

Phone: 313-873-0064

Training Locations:

Blessed Sacrament Community Center, 150 Belmont, Detroit, MI 48202

Focus Hope, 1300 Oakman, Detroit, MI 48238

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National Faith Homebuyers

Phone: 313-255-9500

Address: 601 W Fort Street, Suite 100, Detroit, MI 48226

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Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA)

Phone: 425-602-6222

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Southwest Solutions

Phone: 313-841-9641

Training Location:

Southwest Counseling Solutions, 1600 Porter St, Conference Room B, Detroit, MI 48216

Pre-registration is required. To attend a workshop, you must contact Southwest Solutions and visit its offices at: 2835 Bagley, Ste. 800, Detroit, MI 48216

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Phone: 313-640-1100

Training Location: U-SNAP-BAC Offices, 14901 East Warren, Detroit, MI 48224

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